Ana Mercedes Bosmediano

Founder & CEO of Bosmediano Consulting

I have been dealing with positions of high levels of responsibility as a freelancer in project management, as assistant CEO and as representative for quality management in industry for over 18 years now.

I have been supporting local and international companies during new projects, setting up local subsidiaries in Karlsruhe (Germany), Spain and South America. Furthermore, I provide wide expertise in office management and professional development in areas like industry and waste management.

At Bosmediano Consulting I guarantee an efficient, impartial and high-quality service since we work in close cooperation with a great team of professional experts.


Our partner’s competencies include a variety of areas such as consulting, accounting, marketing, web design, translation, real estate, coaching and event management.

I look forward to working with you!

“To me, there is no bigger challenge than the words: It’s not possible. Once I’ve heard that phrase, I do everything to make possible which seems impossible.”

- Harald Zindler -