Recycling of precious metals

Start-up and business takeovers

We support the recovery of precious metals from recycled goods containing gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Bosmediano Consulting ...

  • assists you in moving your start-up towards success. We support recycling projects in Germany and in South America
  • is in contact with a well-established network consisting of local and international scrap dealers, scrap metal collectors, recyclers and refineries
  • works closely with cooperation partners who deliver the appropriate know-how regarding methods and processes involved in recovery of precious metals
  • assists you with the planning and optimization of production and operation processes, in order to achieve the highest rate of return
  • assists you with the creation of guides and with the preparation of audits
  • assists you during the implementation of specific technical systems
    can provide a comprehensive cost reduction program
  • supports you when facing process for approval and/or acquisition of certifications
    assists you in controlling the operational waste, from the very beginning of the process to the disposal in compliance with the regulatory directives and legal requirements. 

To recover precious metals from metal-containing recycled goods means to safeguard the raw material reserves for the next generations.